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Hall Green Just B.E Part 2

In Hall Green, or AG (Acocks Green - because the young people are right on the border of the 2 areas) the young people looked at their area and realised that there was big issues! Alot of the young people had ASBOs and kept getting moved off the streets by the Police. The main trouble is that there is nothing to do in the area so they got bored.


In the area people just mess about and rob scooters and bikes and burn then out. Others just get into fights and cause trouble so they could occupy themselves. The young people realised things couldn't continue like this in the area and want to find solutions to the problems. 


AG's 16:

Can't get in Edbridge ‐ gates are closed
So the only choice is to be on road
Next thing you know we're getting ASBOs
But all we were doing was doing as we're told.

When it comes to Thursday we're out of the cold
We like playing pool but hate being told
Man from next ends get big bad and bold
But it's pure blue lights when the drama unfolds

Overall it's time to stop this
Wanna open a new door like a locksmith
Don't wanna get caged, jailed and locked it
Wanna see things we have not seen.

Like more jobs and more chances
We wanna see our lives advancing
Don't wanna get dragged into the drama
Kids are getting stabbed – Trapped in karma.


Chorus (x2)


Dis is what East Brum’s like

It’s not a TV story or a punchline

And I wish I could tell you it was sometimes

What can I say?, it’s what it’s like in this tuff life

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