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MULTIPLE_SKILLZ100x10024 year old rapper, songwriter, producer and engineer, Multiple Skillz is from South East London based in Wordsmith, and is aiming to make an impact in the British hip hop world with his uplifting new single titled 'Fatherless'.

Multiple Skillz demonstrates skillful UK rap that emphases an importance to society about children without fathers in his new single 'Fatherless'. He showcases lyrics that many others live, see and relate to as he creates his own formality without conforming to the norm. Expressing his own creative art through rap, Multiple Skillz flow has a natural aptitude for music.

Multiple Skillz is multiply skilled. He first started DJing at just 13 years young. He got mad props locally by always staying on top of his game and being recognised for always knowing how to please a crowd. After 3 years of playing other artist's tracks, Skillz moved into production, taking inspiration from the sounds around him (mostly consisting of grime). Around that same time he began to write and record tracks for his own enjoyment, but it wasn't until he noticed people reacting positively to what he had to say that he began to take MCing seriously.

Multiple Skillz soon realised that he could further develop his abilities as a rapper by shifting from the traditional UK sound of rap and creating his own unique sound, so he soon began to weave clever wordplay and intelligent punchlines into his music. He now presents a sound which is powerfully poetic and masterfully engaging.

With this latest release, Skillz delivers a hard hitting reminder of a generation of fatherless children often lost in modern day society. It's likely that from hearing 'Fatherless' you would class Multiple Skillz as a political rapper, but he has an adept ability to deliver his message without at any time sounding preachy or pretentious to the listener. Accompanied by an ingenuously simple black and white video, the single is an impressive prelude to a string of releases set to be delivered by Multiple Skillz over the coming months.

'Fatherless' is available digitally from 27/10/11.

For more information on Multiple Skillz please check out:

Official Site: www.multipleskillz.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/MULTIPLE-SKILLZ/166447667710

Twitter: www.twitter.com/MultipleSkillz


By Shanika Rose




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