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Supatrax offer a range of DJ Workshops for all ages and ranges of music.Photographing clubs Nationally and Internationally since 2001Supatrax can provide entertainment for youth and school events.Learn radio skills and get involved while providing content for Sticky RadioSupatrax TV are able to show young people how to make videos and creative photography skills

Della talks, Bhoys, bullying and her new track

Della100x100Enigma Records newest talent DELLA links up with Supatrax with an upclose and personal interview. She discusses bullying issues, how she helped a young girl on Facebook and how her soulful vocals got her down to the last 50 in Glagow's 2013 Xfactor auditions. After getting over 7000 hits for her first ever cover video it's clear she has some soulful vibes that must make blow up in 2014 after the release of her new track 'Make a Wish' with  Shadow Holocaust & Philli G.

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White Dee gets a little Slim Shady

WhiteDeeRap100x100White Dee, the star from Channel 4 programme Benefits Street has put down some bars while doing an interview on a local radio station in Birmingham. Check out her bars . . . . She rides the Slim Shady track "My name is . . "  - Maybe should attend a Supatrax MC Lyrics writing course with of of our tutors from Invasion - MC Vader, Hitman or Sox. Vader's new track about Benefits Street is currently being uploaded to iTunes keep it locked as we go behind the scenes as we film the video.

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You 'Lookin Ass N***a . . . 'You're Mine'.

nicki mariah100x100Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey go head to head releasing their new tracks and videos on the same day. Mariah returns to her old best with a laid back R&B track while Nicki goes in ARRRD and must be making sum man 'feel a way!' LOL!

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Find out what love can do for F-Zero

Fzero100x100With a number of records and mixtapes already to his name, South London native F-Zero today unveils his newest single, titled "What Love Can Do". The Frostman's latest release is another ingenious mélange of Grime, Electronic, Dance and Dubstep sounds, whilst also discussing issues, emotions and reflections of "What Love Can Do". The brand new release is a follow on release from F-Zero's Ground Zero mixtape.

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1stBorn celebrates the birth of his first born solo project

1stBorn100x100With passion for music running through his veins like oxygen, Reuben '1stBorn' Wilford first captivated the underground music scene with his garage beats seven years, ago at the age 13. That was when the young producer was making club and radio bangers of such a level, that promoters sought after him to DJ across the country.

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Put a Poni on the wall

Poni100x1100London MC / Model releases her internationaly availble wall calender for 2014. Marsha Bryant aka Poni is the well known London femcee with the most-est having been in the game for a few years working with artists like Lil Wayne (you might know him!) and supporting acts like Dru Hill and Mos Def. As 2014 drops as a nice treat Poni offers up some visual delights with her other career as a sexy model . . . Truss me, this Poni could NEVER be called a horse!

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Irie Maffia 'Cross the Road' with Beenie Man

IrieMaffiaBeenie100x100Coming from Hungary, Irie Maffia are hungry - to get there new style of music of to the masses. Formed in 2005 Irie Maffia  have a style that mixes reggae, hip-hop, rock, funk and electronica. Their latest track alongside the King of Dancehall - Beenie Man has got a Dancehall / Afro Beats vibe to it.

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Jay Ghartey shows us his 'African Money'

AfricanMoney100x100Jay Ghartey is back and set to storm the Afrobeat scene with the release of his most anticipated single , 'African Money (No fronting). The uptempo Afrobeat anthem is completely written and produced by him and features El, and AJ Omo Alajah. A collaboration that brings an edgier side to the Afrobeat sound.

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The Diva tells us 'That's Why!'

Diva100x100The music industry is a buzz about the new edgy single “That’s Why” from the Bay area hip-hop phenom Diva aka Keldamuzik. Hailing from the streets of Oakland, Keldamuzik’s unique style of rap from a strong female point of view, has earned her an international following. The Diva’s endless supply of singles have topped online charts for years, and have been placed in many popular films and TV shows such as Sony Pictures “Please Give” starring Catherine Keener and Amanda Peete and MTV’s The Real World.

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