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K.B - The Uncle Murder of Grime Supatrax Exclusive

thumbnail_copy B12’s bad guy, K.B, is an artist who has never strayed away from controversy. Since he exploded onto the scene with his ‘dump on site’ series, he has built a reputation for putting gangster back into grime.

The man who grime-heads are now calling “The Uncle Murder of Grime” spoke to Supatrax about; life in prison, how he would give Chucky the one punch knockout and the current situation between him and Mally Man in this exclusive Supatrax interview.

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Skyla back for the crown

skyla01042010_100x100Skyla Grime was once one of the most versatile Mc’s emerging through the ranks of Birmingham’s grime scene. His sharp delivery and well structured wordplay earned him a place amongst Birmingham’s most elite spitters, but after a long break away from the recording, the word on every grime-head’s lips has been:

"What the hell’s happened to Skyla?" - Supatrax tracked him down.

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Ghanaian Singing Beauty 60 second interview

Flavia01042010_100x100I was listening to Funky house the other day, when I came across a very talented female. Flavia’s soulful voice sounded perfect over the funky house beat created by Knox Brown (U.K Producer), her anthem ‘funky gave me you’ is definitely going to be a hit on the urban funky house scene.

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Are So-Solid ready to return?

so-solid_crewAre So-solid destined for return? Lisa Maffia has said that So Solid need a second chance in the music industry.

The singer and former Celeb Air winner told The Guardian newspaper that the group, formerly known as the So Solid Crew, could prove their worth as artists a second time around.

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Shank 2010 - The movie

shank_movie100x100Shank is the latest UK urban movie to be produced and based on inner city UK living. Starring some of London's Grime scenes biggest names, Shank has been surrounded by a hol heep of hype. Following violent incidents at numerous cinemas across Birmingham since it's launch (Friday), the police have advised cinemas not to show the film. Shank is now only being showed at Star City and Rubery according to the AMC staff on Broad Street.

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Blakk Spyda

BlkSpyda100x100Liverpool is a city that is historically linked to music. Many bands from the city have rocked worldwide crowds and left their arms swaying in the air like boat sails on the River Mersey. However in terms of Black music, the city have about as much to offer as a tiny mountain village in Venezuela.

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Gorrilla's in the mist . . . I mean MIX!

Gorrilla_100x100Gorilla Sawnoff made headline news in October 2008 when he was stabbed repeatedly in front of a stunned crowd of afternoon shoppers in Birmingham city centre. Whilst the attack ‘terrified’ many of Birmingham’s journalists (well dats da way dey were goin on!), it only inspired Gorilla to get further on his grind. In his first interview since the attack Gorrilla speaks with Supatrax as it's the only media outlet to portrays the 'REAL shituation' in Birmingham.

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Sykes breaks the mould

skyes100x100Right about now, it is safe to say that you can count the number of female rappers from the U.K. on one hand. The number of thoughtful and talented rappers is even fewer than that.

Sykes is set to change these statistics!

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