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Lisa Hype makes hype to hype herself

LisaHype_VybezLisa Hype makes hype to hype herself - no it's not a tongue twister it's the truth! Nude pictures were exposed of the Dance hall artist last year, followed by the infamous picture of her performing a sexual act, rumored to be fellow dance hall artist Vybz Kartel.

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Is Busy getting busy wid Gary?

busySignalWhat a way the debate is raging regarding Busy Signal’s adaptation of Phil Collin’s One More Night. It was total drama when Jamaican radio played the song about five times and asked listeners to give their opinions on what they heard.

Just like us they heard “Gary give me just one more night!” Whooi it is totally madness as everywhere we go it is the hot conversation topic these days.

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Rihanna's new year . . . and new relationship?

Rhianna100x100Rihanna has talked candidly about her assault after being beaten by R&B singer Chris Brown - and told of the "advice and support" she received from Beyonce's husband Jay-Z after her break-up.

In a frank interview with American GQ – for which she posed in tiny hotpants and a cut-off top, the singer said: "The physical pain comes and it goes. The bruises fade away. But the emotional scars stay with you."

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Jamelia ‘the first lady of G-Unit’

jamelia50cents100x10050 Cent has invited R&B sensation Jamelia to the ‘Candy Shop’. He is planning to make Jamelia "the first lady of G-Unit. 50 Cents otherwise known as Curtis James Jackson III – was so impressed with Jamelia’s swagger (road slang for demeanour) after meeting her at the UK premier for his latest film ‘Dead Man Running’ in London last October, and has pledged to help her launch her career in the US by signing her up to his record label.

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meleka100x100Hailing from north-west London singer/ songwriter Meleka, 21,was crowned HUGO URBAN RULES winner in 2008 after wowing urban industry execs as well as chart topper Estelle.  It was Meleka’s jazzy-laced self-penned r&b and fearless nature that made her the firm favourite for the grand prize at the prestigious urban talent event. “I couldn’t believe Sabrina and Estelle wanted me to share the same stage as them. It was such a privilege,” Meleka modestly admits.

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Sizzla Kalonji

sizzla100x100Sizzla Kalonji (real name Miguel Orlando Collins) is a Jamaican reggae musician. He was born on 17 April 1976, in St Mary, Jamaica, of devout Rastafarian parents and raised in August Town. He is one of the most commercially and critically successful contemporary reggae artists and is well-known for his unusual productivity.

Sizzla, along with reggae recording artists such as Capleton, Buju Banton, and Anthony B , are credited with leading a movement toward a re-embracement of Rastafarian values in contemporary reggae.

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Junior Kelly


Tall, dreadlocked Junior Kelly is a devout Rastafarian on a serious musical mission which is manifested through the quality of his contemplative lyrics, the diversity of his substantial subject matter and his inspirational delivery. Born in Kingston 13, Junior was raised in nearby Spanish Town. Throughout his childhood, he was surrounded by music, his grandfather and father both played banjo, his mother sang in the Church and his oldest brother Jim was a popular Deejay[rapper] with the Kilamanjaro Sound.

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1 Day Movie

1Day100x100Impressive aerial views of the city are intermingled with chase scenes through the Bullring Shopping Centre, rival gangs on street corners, class A drugs and violent scenes of gun crime. . . Just another 1 day in Birmingham! - Well that's what the film portrays. 1 Day is about 2 crews, 1 city over 24 hours . . . Of course the movie has been dramatised - It's a movie!! But we ask what all the hype is about and whether it's justified! Supatrax hasn't seen the movie yet, but we look at the reactions so far. 

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Rap Freemansons?

JayNas100x100 I've been following Nas and Jays career since way back, and if you know your about these two MCees and you actually listen to their lyrics and try to understand them, you know these are 2 smart lyricists, I mean in a knowledgeable way as in books, religion, certain "cults", specially Nas. We've all seen Nas transform through his career, most call it him being a hypocrite, but I think this guy just has a thirst for knowledge, and he grows as he learns. This explains him goin from a Christian, to wearing kufi's, to becoming a Freemason . . . ?

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Beyonce's big in da game


Beyoncé Giselle Knowles (born September 4, 1981), often referred to as Beyoncé right about now is the biggest R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, actress and model in the game right now. Raised as a church girl, and she keeps herself grounded by giving herself a stage name/personality (Sasha Fierce), that she leaves on the stage when chilling with her man - Jay Z. Not to sure what she see in Jay-Z (must be the money! - LOL!), but together they have blown the Hip Hop and R&B scene mainstream.

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