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2 Arrested over Erdington stabbing

Stabbing359Two men have been arrested in connection with the stabbing of a 20 year old man in Erdington.

The victim was found slumped in a pool of his own blood around 11:30pm close to the Acorns public house on Saturday night. He was then rushed to hospital suffering with multiple stab wounds to the chest. According to a police spokesperson the victim's condition is critical but stable.erdington_stabb

 Before arresting two 19 year old men police officers sealed of a large part of Erdington high street. Local residents said their investigation was like watching scenes from a C.S.I episode as forensic teams scoured their way across rooftops and even searched down drains for evidence and clues.

 Many local shop keepers have suffered financial losses as their businesses have been barricaded by thick police tape and the high street has become a temporary no go zone for shoppers.


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