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Supatrax offer a range of DJ Workshops for all ages and ranges of music.Photographing clubs Nationally and Internationally since 2001Supatrax can provide entertainment for youth and school events.Learn radio skills and get involved while providing content for Sticky RadioSupatrax TV are able to show young people how to make videos and creative photography skills

Supatrax Learning & Development Case Studies

Below are a range of projects that Supatrax have complete with organisations or schools. Below is a little taster of the type of work we can do. We cater our work to meet your organisation needs or goals. Some of the issues we have addressed include health, anti-social behaviour, school inclusion, domestic extremisim, Islamophobia, alcohol abuse, self confidance and race issues amongst others.


Kick Ash Dudley NHS PCT – Infectious Project

KickAshLogo100x100SmokefreeWorking with 20 NEET young people (Not in Education, Employment or Training), Supatrax planned, filmed and edited a short film about the social effects of smoking. The young people created the concept that smoking turns you into a 'Social Zombie'.


These young people were not engaged in 'normal' training and education but Supatrax had the young people fully involved, putting on face paints, make up, making props and filming for the video. Below is the final video:

Making of Kick Ash Infectious video:


Dudley NHS PCT / Kick Ash - Kick Ash Anthem

DudleyNHSWorking at an arts base in Dudley Supatrax delivered a range of music making and lyric writing sessions resulting in two tracks being made by the young people – One 'Death Rock' song and one 'Grime' track alongside MC Vader.




High Arcal School - Dudley West Midlands

HighArcalHigh Arcal is an Ofsted 'Outstanding' rated comprehensive secondary school in Dudley. There was a core of pupils who were disrupting lessons and were disengaged. Supatrax were able to engage the pupils in a MC, DJ and video production course lasting 10 sessions. This concluded with a DJ set being played in front of the whole school as they participated in a sponsored walk round the school premises to raise money for charity. MC Hitman lead the MC workshops.


Throughout the school we found singers, rappers, DJs, beatboxers and dancers who all got involved. For some it was the first time people had ever been recorded and we are now in regular contact via Twitter with some students have chosen to choose a career in music production after completed the Supatrax course.


The High Arcal Head Teacher commented:


 "Reinforces my deeply held conviction for many years that a creative and innovative approach to the  CURRICULUM is the most important action schools can take to improve students' life chances. I hope we can all  continue to come up with imaginative ways to lock students in to learning and inspire them to achieve."


Southwark Insight - London

InsightAs part of Alcohol Awareness Week, Supatrax delivered a media session looking at the effects of Alcohol misuse, created a Grime song about the effects of Alcohol and created a promotional video to highlight the innovative work and engagement done by the organisation. A track was later produced as part of a collaboration between MC Vader and a young person from Insight.


Just B.E Project - Birmingham

JustBE BhamCouncilYotthServices Freindship CTU 

This is a project written and co-ordinated by Supatrax. Working alongside Birmingham Youth Services, Friendship Housing Association and West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit Supatrax delivered a range of media sessions to promote community cohesion and signpost young people to other services. This project has been extended to run
throughout 2013 following a successful pilot through October and November 2012.

The project has also been submitted for further funding from the Home Offi ce Prevent Strategy. Prevent is a vital part of the UK counter-terrorism strategy to stop people becoming terrorists / extremist or supporting terrorism / extremism. Visit website created for project: http://justbeone.co.uk



Walsall Youth Services – Through Our Eyes

WhoseEyesA Supatrax Anti-social Behaviour project looking at the effects of Anti-social behaviour and it's impact in the community. The game and DVD challenged people perceptions of ASB and there was interviews with young people, the Police, youth leaders and parents in the community.


The video and board game was created following a range of media sessions alongside young people in the area. It highlights a number of ASB concerns and educates people on what ASB is and what the punishments could be.

WalsallChildrenWalsall Youth Services – Pelsall

Working with a range of young men, Supatrax delivered music workshops and worked towards a Bronze award creating a music track and video which was delivered via the Youth Services' outreach buses.



WalsallCounsilWalsall Youth Services – Borough wide

Supatrax scripted, filmed and made videos available for on-line social media channels and websites to promote the youth services available for young people.




Walsall Youth Services / Beechdale Housing / The MAP – Walsall

BechadaleSticky Radio and Supatrax delivered a range of outreach sessions to find out the issues in the area of Beechdale and Mossley in Walsall. DJ sessions were delivered and career advice was given to young people who were also signposted.


Video produced on Beechdale estate - Walsall



Video produced on Mossley estate Walsall

















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