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Drake & Lil Wayne vs Jay-Z & Kanye ???

drakeWhile on tour in the UK, Drake had yet another diva fit and started throwing his toys out of the pram during an interview with Tim Westwood this time about Jay-Z and Kanye stating that the throne belongs to them.

Kanye's fifth album, "My beautiful dark twisted fantasy", has just reached platinum status and already he is putting the finishing touches to his collaborative album with Jay-Z-Kanye-WestJay-Z which is expected to hit shelves in March. The albums title, "Watch the throne", is a clear indication that Jay-Z and Kanye feel they have the whole hip hop game in their palms. During his UK interview, Drake took indirect shots at both Jigga and Kanye's claims to be running the game and more or less stated that he and his man smooching mentor Lil Wayne are sitting comfortably on the throne. Drizzy even suggested that he and Weezy and should make an album called "Watch the throne."

This week, the first single from Jay-z and Kanye's album leaked on the Internet the song is entitled H.A.M which stands for hard as a mofo ! Jigga delivers a bone crushing verse proving he hasn't caught the O.G virus which has left rappers such as Eminem sounding more like a Swedish porn star than the Slim Shady we all know and love. When Jay drops lines like:

 "I swam waters with great whites ya'll motherfuckas wudda been chewed // I hustled with vultures late nights ya'll motherfuckas wudda been food"

The only way I can see Drake and Lil Wayne winning in this tag team rumble is if it is on an X-Factor stage and Lewie Walsh and Cheryl Cole were the judges because all real hip hop heads know whats up.

I suppose the last couple of months have been an emotional ride for Drake. We've seen him swinging handbags with Lil Kim and break his nails in a cat fight over a girl who clearly doesn't want him. Now I know who he is talking about when he sings "I can't find your loving, I can't find your heart" It's Nicki Minaj ! Straight up dude has too much feelings. As much as ladies front the last thing they want is a guy who is sensitive and filled with emotions. Come on Drakdrake-lilwaynee! that's what girlfriend night is for.

I don't know how they do things in America but here in the UK we have a certain standard we expect all men to meet. Like downing eight cans of Stella while watching MOTD and then urinating inside your Mrs wardrobe because she's been pissing you off all day and you know you can blame it on the alcohol. Now that's what being a man is all about. Now could you imagine what a Saturday evening would be like in Drake's house? Dude would be thinking of Nikki sobbing into a half full tub of Ben n Jerry's ice cream whilst flicking through his favourite episodes of the Sex and the city marathon.

I just don't understand the new school of rappers; wearing skinny jeans, revealing their secret love on records, is he rapping is he singing? When is it all gonna stop. Bring back blunts, 40s and bitches. Bring back crazy blonde haired white boys in a hockey mask, gripping a chainsaw.

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