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Do the maths . . . Hype dance + P Square = Alingo

AlingoPSquare100x100There is a hot storm coming straight from Africa . . . It's the Nigerian R&B sensation, P Square with their hot new track ALINGO! Referred to as the 'Azonto on steroids' this is the new dance to mash up the UK! (If you don't know about the Azonto - you'll learn more here!!).

ALINGO is the fresh dance for 2013 tearing up the all across the world from Abuja to Hackney! The dance is so infectious . . . the only cure is to learn the moves and buss the hot steps. Alingo is setting dance floors across the continent alight because you have just got to do it right! The track has got a bubbly vibe that makes you bounce ya hips and start to move.

P-Square are a duo comprised of identical twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye who not only 'throw down the moves' in the video, they got their big brother Jude Engees to direct it - a true family affair! P-Square are self-contained; producing, directing their videos and releasing their albums through Square Records and have grown in popularity from Nigeria into South Africa the UK, France and in the USA.



The video of the single has already amassed over 3 Million online views, with previous singles with Rick Ross and Akon amassing in excess of 10 Million views each. Alingo is also currently B-list at BBC Radio 1Xtra, B-list at Choice FM and received its first BBC Radio 1 play from Trevor Nelson on Saturday March 9th and is impacting at community, student, commercial and BBC local radio stations and filling dance floors across the UK. The video is set for rotation on Vox Africa, Box Africa and Channel AKA.


P Square have released 5 albums, the debut album, Last Nite, was released in 2001 was followed by, Get Squared, in 2005 under their own label, Square Records. In 2007, they released the game changer album, Game Over, which sold approx. 8 million copies worldwide which was followed by Danger in 2009, featuring collaborations with 2face Idibia, J Martins and Frenzy.


The group has performed alongside international artists like Ginuwine, Sean Paul, Akon and Busola Keshiro.


The African dance movement is making massive waves in the UK. Last year the Ghanaian'Azonto' tore up the UK with people up and down the country making their knees go wild - Click here for further info. The 'Antenna Dance' quickly replaced the Azonto hype and this year 'Alingo' has already stamped it's authority on the dance scene. See the Antenna dance below:



Many say that the new dance trends stem from the Jamaican dancehall scene which over recent years has seen the rise of 'hype' dance moves such as the classic 'Dutty Whine', the 'Wounded Dog', Signal di plane', 'Willy Bounce', 'Gully Creeper', 'Wacky Dip' and many many more!


Get on the hype and 'Alingo' . . . but make sure you don't pull a muscle or get whiplash, cus P Sqaure will not be accepting any calls from Claims direct solicitors. LOL!


Alingo lyrics:


P-square we back again
Ey ey ey ey, ay ay ay papi



She's makin' me bark like a bingo
& I come dey try 2 dey sing eh
& d way dat she's dancin'
I don dey, I don dey, I don dey
She's makin me bark like a bingo
& I come dey try 2 dey sing oh
& d way dat she's dacin' I don dey,
I don dey, I don dey
Cos' tonight, I don't care wot I'll buy
Cos I know we gettin' high
Put ur hands up in d sky, in d sky, ey



Girl u got me dancing alingo
D way dat u movin' ur wing o
Dancin' alingo, dancin' alingo
Girl u got me dancin' alingo
D way dat u movin ur wing o
Dancin' alingo, dancin' alingo, alingo, alingo
The way dat u movin' ur wing, movin ur wing o, movin' ur wingo, alingo alingo
The way dat u movin' ur wing o,
Movin' ur wingo


[Verse 1]

See dis girl o (girl o)
The way dat she' s moving
She's bursting my brain o (brain o)
She got me movin' again and again o
She's feeling my friends o
I can never let go
I can never let go, let go






[Verse 2]

Ey ey ey ey, p-square we back again
Ey ey ey ey,this girl dey craze oh
She come dey do like say she bless o
She whinin' and grindin' and whinin' and burn dis place oh
She no dey play oh
Na face to face oh
As she dey go low, go low




Girl u got me dancin' alingo
D way dat u movin ur wing o
Dancin alingo, dacin alingo
Girl u got me dancing alingo
The way dat u movin' ur wing o
Dancin' alingo, dancin' alingo, aligo alingo
D way dat u movin' ur wingo oh,
Moving ur wingo, movin' ur wingo, alingo, alingo
D way dat u move ur wingo
D way dat u move, move, move, ah
Ah baby cut am cut am cut am, cut am a beg


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