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Jay Ghartey shows us his 'African Money'

AfricanMoney100x100Jay Ghartey is back and set to storm the Afrobeat scene with the release of his most anticipated single , 'African Money (No fronting). The uptempo Afrobeat anthem is completely written and produced by him and features El, and AJ Omo Alajah. A collaboration that brings an edgier side to the Afrobeat sound.

Jay Ghartey, also known as Kweku Gyasi Ghartey, is a Ghanaian-American music producer, singer, and songwriter based in New York City, describing his style as African Rhythm and Blues. The fast rising star in his quest to use his music to unite Africa has surprisingly combined 4 different African languages, pidgin and African slang in this single - Yoruba, Ga, Twi, and Hausa. Making him the first Ghanaian artiste ever to use 6 languages on a single track, initiating a new direction both for himself and Afrobeat. 


The multi-awarded Ghanaian US born artist is not a new name though in the music industry. The single 'African money is a propulsive follow up of his well received blockbuster hit singles , 'Love you better', 'Papa', and 'Somebody'. His first album, a 12 track titled 'Shining Gold' which was released in September 2010, was inspired by the likes of Kojo Atwi and George Darko two heavy names in the Ghanaian music. His song 'My Lady' was also on heavy rotation on channel O a strong and leading Pan- African music station.



The song 'My Lady' also earned him recognition on BET's 106 and park show and in April 2011, he became the first Ghanaian artist to be featured on the show with the song 'Waiting for you'. In 2010, his song 'My Lady' went on to win the best male video at the prestigious Ghana music video awards and was nominated for three more awards. Jay was also nominated for five awards at the 2011 Ghana music awards where he also won the best video. Recently, he has been awarded the best new artist in Africa on the Afrotainment Museke online music awards. Also has been nominated for the best Afro pop song in the 2013 Ghana music awards.


Jay Ghartey was born with music in his blood to a Ghanaian father and Canadian mother and has long been introduced to music from an early age. His grandfather being a poet and playwright and his grandmother an established singer and musician , Jay has everything working for him as far as music career.


Jay Ghartey (pronounced Garteh) was born in the United States to a Ghanaian father and a Canadian mother. His Ghanaian grandfather was a poet and playwright who managed GBC for many years, and his grandmother was an established singer and musician. His brother Joe Ghartey was a DJ.


At the age of nine, Ghartey moved to Accra, Ghana, where he spent several years. While in Ghana, he studied music with his grandmother. He began performing at the age of 10, originally as a rapper. He formed a group called Chief G and the Tribe, where he was known by the stage name Chief G. The rap group, one of the pioneers of rap in Ghana, also included Kwaku T and Abeiku. The group won the Ghanaian national rap and dance competition several times.


Having already won the following of Ghanaian fans, and attracted hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, Jay plans to stamp his name and music well into the Nigeria, Ghana and UK Afrobeat register. Top name international DJs like DJ Longers of bang radio gives a thumbs up along with BBC's DJ Edu, Ghana's DJ Black, Efyn and a host of other international DJs and producers hailed the new single 'African Money' to be a big time floor filler both in Ghana and world around.


African Money will be available for download on iTunes on the 25th of November 2013.


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