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Put a Poni on the wall

Poni100x1100London MC / Model releases her internationaly availble wall calender for 2014. Marsha Bryant aka Poni is the well known London femcee with the most-est having been in the game for a few years working with artists like Lil Wayne (you might know him!) and supporting acts like Dru Hill and Mos Def. As 2014 drops as a nice treat Poni offers up some visual delights with her other career as a sexy model . . . Truss me, this Poni could NEVER be called a horse!

Christmas is here as she releases a scintillating and sexy 2014 calendar where Poni positively smolders through the lens.

Featuring a yearly planner, lyrics from Poni's latest musical niceness on each month and of course Poni in various stages of scanty clothing it's a calendar that is 'practically sexy'.

Given the name Poni because she can “Ride Over Any Rhythm”. Her style of Music is catchy and tantalising; she poses a creative difference in the world of Hip Hop/Pop Music with her British accent, slamming US style beats and musical style that blurs the lines of RnB & Reggae flavour.

Her songs are filled with creative innovative concepts which are distinctive, thought provoking & also exciting, she set to be launched internationally. Poni has also intrigued entertainment journalists and teams from different parts of the world and some examples of these articles and interviews on Poni are with The Source Magazine in the USA and XFM Ghana West Africa.

Poni is now a Solo Artist and CEO of a Music Entertainment business called Desire Sounds Ltd. She has recorded Albums, shoot Music Videos which have been gathering pace internationally on cable networks in the UK, USA and Europe including one of her most recent Music Videos “I’m Like Rahh” which is on BET TV and was also featured on SBTV.

For a chance to get your hands on a hot copy of the calendar to take you through 2014 click here

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