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Kymyra lets 'You see it' but this ain't no 'Community Wood'

Kymyra100x100Now a days people have side chicks and side dudes like they are a fashion accessory. Kymyra drops a R&B smasher highlighting that you can keep your 'Community Wood', this is an artist that don't share . . . "And she will only settle once she's got it all!" . . . And now 'You See it'.


Listening to the seductive bass, captivating melody, and mesmerizing vocals in her new single "You See It", you'll instantly recognise that Kymyra is an artist who has a sound that embodies the key energy to turn the page in the R&B music book.


Kymyra sets the par with her musical talents. As a singer and songwriter, Kymyra has proven that her musical talent is authentic, not a duplicate gimmick like many others . . .  She has a fresh sound of her own.


This Little Rock, Arkansas native has definitely walked an unconventional path to achieve her dream. Inspired by Marvin Gaye, Natalie Cole, Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke and several others, Kymyra has natural soul that has allowed her to become a great performer/entertainer. 


Kymyra's father bought her a Baldwin piano before she was born, as he was in a band himself.  By allowing her to rehearse with his band growing up, he was able to instill in her that 'rare' soul that comes from an era of GREAT singers/performers.  Kymyra takes pride in being able to stand, as she would say, "flat-footed and SANG!!!"  While she can deliver soulful R&B with her smooth yet powerful vocals, she can also take you to the club with her "real talk" rap, as displayed in her mixtape single "Community Wood". 


From the Apollo stage to opening for several big artists/acts, Kymyra is the ultimate professional and will leave you wanting more! She has dedicated years to her craft, and it is apparent when she hits the stage...SHE'S READY!!!


Kymyra is an independent artist signed to her own label SheebaBabyMusic. Keep your eyes on her and watch her rise to the top! Go visit www.kymyra.com and take the ride!!!


Keep it locked to Supatrax and watch for the Dyrty Heels mixtape coming soon!!! 


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