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Koran Burning in Birmingham

 15719744A teenage girl who allegedly burned a Koran at school and then posted a video of it on Facebook, has been charged with inciting racial hatred, today.





  The 15 year old, who can't be named for legal reasons, reduced the holy book to a pile of ashes in front of shocked pupils at her school in Sandwell two poppy_burning_police_protestweeks after, Muslim protesters burned a large poppy on remembrance day in London. Right wing fanatics have been outraged by the young girls arrest and many of them are campaigning on social networking sites claiming that the arrest was a violation of the girls freedom of expression. One angered blogger argued that the arrest was unjust because Islamic protesters were given police protection whilst they burned a large poppy throughout the nations two minute silence.

No arrests were made during the poppy burning protest neither was there any mention of it in the houses of parliament. In fact only those newspapers who drunkenly stumble across the tight rope of racism made any mention of it at all. For the first time in my living memory, i saw a mass of poppy-less shirts swarming around Britain's major cities, many unaware it was even remembrance day. Those childhood lectures of about the brave men who sacrificed their lives for Britain now seem to be a distant memory. That little red flower no longer represents the blood spilt on Flanders Field neither is it a medal of honour that keeps the memory of those brave soldiers immortal.

In fact all the money raised from this years poppy appeal will be given to the families of the soldiers who died in or were injured in Afghanistan. After Wiki-Leaks revealed the atrocities that "our heroes" are committing in the Middle East it came as no surprise to me that their was no police or governmental retaliation to the poppy burners.

The International Commitee of the Fourth International released this statement: "American and British soldiers murdered Afghan civilians for sport and kept article-1328703-0C0524CF000005DC-715_634x457finger bones, leg bones, a tooth and a skull as grisly trophies, according to documents released by the Pentagon on Wednesday. The case is the worst such atrocity yet revealed in Afghanistan. It underscores that just as in Iraq, the US military intervention is a brutal colonial war in which the entire population of the country is a target."

Due to this unjust war, the poppy has now become a blood stained souvenir of the terrible actions British troops are carrying out in the Middle East tarnishing what it originally stood for. Like it or not the poppy has now become the badge of the oppressor and its red petals now represent the blood of all the innocent babies, women and men that have perished under American and British missiles.



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