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Jamaicingham . . . Jamaican Birmingham takeover

Jamaicaingham100x100To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jamaican Independence and the Jamaican athletic team being based in Birmingham for their Olympic preparation, Birmingham City Council are hosting a free open-air Jamaica Festival outside the Council House around Victoria Square and in front of the old library.

'Jamaica in the Square' takes place from 2 - 6 August 2012 and celebrates everything to do with Jamaican culture. From traditional Jamaican food and Caribbean punches to Jamaican music, dance, entertainment and fashion. There are cookery demonstrations with chefs and you can browse through the craft market stalls selling crafts made by local Jamaicans.

The event was opened by Birmingham's Soprano (born of Jamaican heritage) Abigail Kelly who sung the Jamaican national anthem.

Jamaicaingham2001 Jamaicaingham2002 Jamaicaingham2003

As you walk through the square there are food stall everywhere. Located in the mix is Birmingham's urban wear specialist Hatman selling a range of T-shirts and Jamaican merchandise.

It is a rar Jamaican take over . . . Red Stripe, Island Patties, Jerk Chicken EVERYWHERE, yellow/green/black flags . . . even Digicell there with a big stall. And to really take it to the extreme man are burning bud like they back in bush! looool!


Jamaicaingham2004 Jamaicaingham2005 Jamaicaingham2006


If your feeling energetic (or you have had 2 Magnum and Red Bull), burn off your energy in a fun way by trying to beat Bolt's World Record as you blast down the 100m track in front of the infamous Birmingham Council House. Get down there and enjoy the vibes.

Enjoy the dancehall, the reggae soca and ska music and watch dancers express their true Jamaican spirit and culture through their dance. Enjoy Jamaican jerk chicken, curried goat with rice and peas and absorb the warm, friendly and relaxed Jamaican hospitality . . . But nu bodda bun da weed cus you'll end up in jail (or getting deported!) LOL!

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