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Race Riots?

3 Asian Muslim guys were killed in Winson Green Birmingham. A 32 year old Black man has been arrested for murder after running over the 3 guys. You may ask why it's emphasised that the man is Black?

Well it's beacuse there are numerous messages going round via BB Messanger that the man was white, it was Police that run him over and that it was an Asain man that killed the men. Here is where it was first reported that the man arrested was Black! It is hoped that these murders are nothing to do with race, these 3 men didn't die beacuse they were Asain - They died beacuse someone thought it was right to drive a car at them while fuelled up on a night of looting.

Muslim local community leaders and the brother of 2 guys killed and the father of the other have called for peace and for muslim gangs not to react to the killings. Abdul Quddoos is the brother of Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavi - both allegedly murdered in the early hours of Wednesday morning while protecting their shop. Mr Quddoos has been describing the events: "I went around the corner and saw a big crowd, over a hundred people. A lot of chaos. There was a pool of blood, like a swimming pool of blood. As [Abdul] fell back down, his head was like a punctured football."

He explained how he felt when he saw his 2 brothers lying there, how could he choose which one to help? He said: "God only gave me 2 hands, one pair of hands, how could I decide which one to help?" Mr Quddoos has grown in the Winson Green area for 32 years. He has a number of friends from all cultures from across inner city Birmingham. To hear of gis lost is terrible.

Muslims are currently in a time of fasting and prayer during the month of Ramadan. It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and sexual intimacy with their partners during daylight hours and is intended to teach Muslims about patience, spirituality, humility and submissiveness to God. It is hoped that no violence escalates after this time of prayer.

On the streets of Handsworth on the nights of rioting there were large groups of Sikhs (Asians with Turburns for you ignorant people). I spoke to a group of about 30 guys who were all out on street with their Kirpans (steel swords /daggers) ready to be drawn. A Kirpan is one of the five Ks of the Sikh religion, that if drawn MUST draw blood before returning to it’s case.

I spoke to some guys who said they were out to protect their Gudwaras (tenmples) from being attacked. Through Handswortha and Smethwick there were approx. 50 Sikhs outside every Gudwara in the ends. One of the younger guys said:

“We don’t give a shit about the businesses, we can claim that money back – but if anyone f**ks with the temples – we will KILL them!

"If idiots want to robs stops or mash up their community that’s up to them, but to disrespect a place of worship id wrong! And we are just making sure that it don’t happen – We are protecting out place of worship and standing up for our religion”

Racial tension

I spoke another group of Sikhs, on who was an elder in the Gudwara – or on the committee. He explained that there was a tension between the local Sikh and Black community:

“This could easily turn into a race war.” He explained.

I asked “How can it be a race war? Are you a different race to me? – Are you a different colour?” I explained that race should not be mixed up with culture or religion. He went on to explain the issues that have lead to the ill feelings in the Sikh community:

“When it was Vaisakhi and we wanted to have our parade – The Council of Black Led Churches in Handsworth opposed our parade as it would disrupt people going to their church services on that Sunday morning.

“Yet last week it was Handsworth carnival and are you trying to tell me that didn’t disrupt with people going to and from Church? But the churches didn’t oppose that did they? If that’s not racism, then what is?”

I was quite taken back by the elders response, I didn’t think there was a major issue with the Sikhs and the Black community. Black people feel undervalued by Asians and at times they are disrespected – but there was a clear anger from the guys I was talking to, and it seemed like it could escalate.

I explained that these disturbances weren’t no Black on Indian thing, and that I didn’t think the yutes going round mashing up and robbing tings were bothered about their temples – Da yutes want TVs or anything of value! The elder went on to say:

“How many Black businesses do you see attacked tonight? It’s all Asian owned businesses!”

“Hollll on!”, I said. “Most Black businesses in the area are food shops, barbers and hairdressers – Why would you wanna loots a food shop or barbers?” I went on to sat:

“How can you say no Black businesses are getting touched? Hatman, one of the long running prominent Black businesses in Birmingham got mashed down tonight and they cleaned out the shop. It’s not a Black thing – I don’t agree wid what ya sayin!”

The elder went on to explain that all the streets where damage had been caused were where Asian families lived. I explained that that could be any street in Handsworth! He explained that if the racist oppression and attacks didn’t stop – there would be a backlash from the Sikh community.

Shere Punjab

Founder members of Shere Punjab were out in the streets of Handsworth calling on Sikhs to unite and prepare to defend themselves. Shere Punjab was a group set up in the 90’s to fight against the local Pakistani Panthers and defend the Indian community. The group / gang no longer operate, but there is a fear that there will be an uprising after fears of attacks against the Sikh Commnuity.

Second night of looting in the second city, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton

At first things seemed quiet outta street, but then further looting and running battles took place with police in Birmingham city centre. There was a stand-off with approx. 200 young people and a large number of riot police by the front of the Bullring at approx. 5.30pm.

Earlier in the day cars had been burnt out, shops raided and businesses forced to close in West Bromwich.

Trouble also flared in Wolverhampton, where groups of young people ran through the city centre mashing up shops and causing damage before heading to Broad Street, threating to kill a shop keeper before looting his shop while he had to stand there and watch!


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