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Birmingham man arrested for child sex offences in Nursery

LittleStars100x100A young man called Paul Wilson from Birmingham has been arrested on suspicion of the sexual abuse of a child while he whilst working as a male nursery nurse at a nursery in Nechells.

Police arrested the 20-year-old man at his home in Nechells in the early hours of Wednesday. The man is an assistant at the private Little Stars Nursery in Nechells. He has worked there for 18 months.

Paul Anthony Wilson, 20, of Nechells, Birmingham, has been charged with two offences against a child under 13 years, between 1 January 2009 and 30 July 2010.

He will appear before Birmingham Magistrates' Court on Friday.

This is the second time a young man from inner city Birmingham has been charged with offences against a child follwing the charges against Nikey from Winson Green last year as reported by Supatrax.

This recent arrest has sent fears through the commnunity that this may be a repeat case of the Little Ted's nursery nurse who molested and abused children in Plymouth last year.

Local people are disgusted at the thoughts of something like this happening in their community. One young mother of a child, that does not go to the nursery said via a Blackberry messenger post: "These kinda people need a straight gun shot!".

A telephone line for parents has been opened with specialist staff on hand to offer support and advice. The number is: 0121 675 4806.

Superintendent Matt Ward said evidence suggested "a series of sexual offences" against one child had taken place at the nursery.

Ofsted report

The nursery, which currently has 55 children attending and 14 members of staff, has today been closed as a precaution.

Little Stars nursery was issued with an improvement notice by Ofsted in August after an unannounced inspection revealed it did not have an effective safeguarding children procedure. Yet, in it's most recent Ofsted report, published in December 2010, the nursery was rated as 'Good'. The only better rating it could have got was 'Outstanding'.

A part of the report said: 

"Staff have a good understanding of safeguarding children and of their role and responsibilities in reporting concerns. The nursery has effective procedures to ensure children are safe and their welfare is promoted, for example, appropriate recruitment and vetting procedures are in place.

"However, the risk assessments have not yet been completed to ensure children are always in a safe and suitable environment."

Ofsted ratings are used as a guide by parent when they are planning on which nursery to send their children to. One mother posted via Facebook:

"FFS when are our children safe!!!? - You send them to nursery to develop their skills because you can't afford to stay at home and then you have these B*****ds messing with them, when will this shit stop!!!?"

Ofsted said the nursery "supports children who speak English as an additional language". The facility is also open to children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

House raided

A number of items, including a computer, were seized from the man's home and were being examined by specialist investigators.

Supt Ward said the nursery assistant was arrested after a warrant was executed at his home for an unrelated matter.

He added: "As a result of that unrelated warrant being executed we recovered material which, when it was forensically examined, led us to believe a series of serious sexual offences against a child had taken place at the Little Stars Nursery.

"At this stage, all our evidence suggests there is one offender and one child."

Assistant Chief Constable Anil Patani added: "The family of this child have been told and police are supporting them at this very difficult time."

Supt Ward said he had spoken earlier to parents of children at the nursery, who were "clearly very angry and very shocked".


A joint investigation is being carried out by the West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council's Children's Services.

Police said a meeting would be held for parents with children registered at the nursery where senior officers and council officials would provide an update on the investigation.

Mr Patani added: "West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council do not underestimate the significance this news has on parents and the local community."

In a statement, Ofsted said it was aware of the investigation and was working closely with the police and the local authority to assist and consider what action needs to be taken.

"We fully understand how worrying this situation is for parents but it would be inappropriate to make any further comment at this stage of the police investigation.'

Birmingham City Council said it was also working closely with West Midlands Police and would continue to keep parents informed.

Birmingham's failing Children's services

This is ANOTHER case of Birmingham's under pressure, failing Children's Services. More needs to be done in the city to protect our young children.

No one can forget the horrible death of Khyra Ishaq who starved to death while Birmingham's Children's service failed to intervene.

Toni-Ann, who was also under the care of Birmingham Social Services, was hit in the back after she witnessed her father shot by rival drug dealer while in London.

2 other children died in Birmingham in nearly a year ago, one in Erdington after drinking acid. These children were also known to the city's Children's services.

Since 2005 there have been over 18 children have died in Birmingham as a result of abuse or neglect. This is unacceptable. A report in January 2009 highlighted at least 15 deaths in Birmingham in the previous 4 years. At the time MP's called for major changes within Birmingham. Since then, things seem to be getting worse.

Last Summer Inspectors looking into how Birmingham Children services operates said "critical deficiencies remain in front-line work with children" with managers not knowing how many cases are being dealt with.

Supatrax has spoke to a social worker who stated that at these times when Birmingham Children's Services are continually being nationaly highlighted for it's poor performance and failings - instead of getting more staff and providing a better service. They are cutting jobs and taking valuable staff away from posts that interact and engage with children.

An email has been sent to Birmingham's Childrens services for comment and an update will appear on Supatrax.com in due course.

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