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Police find £1Million CASH in drugs raid

CASHPolice have taken £1,000,000 cash that was hidden in the loft in a semi-detached house in Stechford, Birmingham.

The £Million stash of cash in £10 and £20 notes is the largest single seizure of money in the history for West Midlands Police.

Magistrates ruled that the owner could not prove that the cash was made by legal means, so it would be taken and used to help community crime-fighting projects. (Please be aware that tears are rolling down my face as I type up this article!!!!).

Det Chief Insp Steven Reed said the seizure had dealt suspected drug dealers an expensive blow (Supatrax thinks it has taught other drug dealers not to be so damn foooool and keep dat kinda money in ya yard!).

“This is the most significant seizure of cash in the history of the force,” he said.

Police found the money as part of a drugs raid in September. As part of the raid they also found a cash counting machine and some drugs. Police believe these are the trends of drug dealing activity.

Under the Proceeds of Crime Act, police can seize money they believe had been amassed through ill-gotten gains of there is no legitimate explanation for it.

Owners have 28 days to claim the money back by providing details of where it has come from. If they can’t, police can apply to the courts for the money to be forfeited. West Midlands Police said in this case, officers were successful in their application to Birmingham Magistrates Court on October 26 to keep the cash permanently “on the basis it was obtained through drug dealing”.

The police added: “We have been successful in forfeiting the money, which means it can be reinvested back into the community for the benefit of others. We hope it will go a long way towards disrupting criminal activity and reassure members of the public we are committed to protecting them from drug dealers and any other form of criminal activity.”

The exact address of the house and names of people arrested have not been released.

A police spokesperson said: “A number of arrests have been made in relation to a wider investigation, which remains on-going.”

West Midlands Police seized more than £1.8 million in cash in the 12 months to April and were granted £5 million in confiscation orders forcing convicted criminals to pay up or face longer behind bars. This year the figure should be much higher after claiming this jackpot (without even buying a lottery ticket! LOL!)

In the UK I'm sure you are guilty until proven innocent! . . . I mean, innocent till proven guilty! Unless they can PROVE dat money is made from drugs, they should not have taken it! Dat is rar wrong! If Police come to ya house, it seems like you have to prove where EVERYTHING is from and how you got it! - But on da real . . . WTF is he/she doing wid £1Million cash in the house!? I'm just screwin I never knew it was there!!!!! LOOOOOOL!

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