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Bag of guns found in Nechells, Birmingham.

mac10gun100x100Police have found a bag of straps in a lock-up in Nechells. There were eight guns in a black hold-all which included a MAC-10.

The guns were all wrapped up and stuffed into the bag which has been sent to the NABIS firearms forensic lab in Birmingham for testing. They will examine the guns to see if they are linked to any further killings, attempted murders or other shootings. The guns were tested for DNA and fingerprints, but as the guns were found wrapped up and stored somewhere, so it's highly likely that the straps were clean and put down for future use. The guns would have been wiped down and cleaned so no finger prints would be left on the weapons.

Polices found two Baikal pistols, three revolvers, including a Smith & Wesson, a Russian-made Nagant and a Brocock compact, and two more semi-automatic handguns, including a Russian-made Tokarev.

Silencers, magazines and ammunition were also found stuffed in the bag.

“Every gun and every bullet we take off the streets is a potential life we have saved,” said acting Supt Tim Bacon, from West Midlands Police’s Force CID.

This find by the police is clearly the work of an informer providing information about where to find the weapons and what would be there. When someone is arrested and looking at a long spell in prison, police try to persuade people to provide information so they can make a deal with he courts to reduce the person's sentence. It is amazing how many people talk to police when facing a term in prison for crimes they did or didn't commit.

For example: A person could have been driving a car with 3 friends in. He did not know that they had any guns or drugs on them as they are just friends from the area. Police follow the car and da man them jump out. They leave a bag of crack, some coke and a strap in the car. You (the driver) see the strap and drugs and try and hide it under the seat - now the gun and drugs have got your fingerprints on. The police ask you who your friends were who ran away - and why they ran away? You tell them just some guys from the area and make up some bogus names and say you don't know why they run.

Next thing you know the police have found the strap and drugs with your fingerprints on, so you now face a looong spell in prison. The police have the evidence to say you were in possesion of a firearm and intent to supply drugs. Ya lookin at about 7 years. Now the police walk in and say: "Look mate, you gonna go in jail for this, you trying to protect ya mates but now you're going jail for them. I don't think it's you, but ya being loyal to your friends and look where it's got you. It's obvious you know who they are and your going jail now, but if you let us know something that could help us get some more drugs off the streets, or maybe get some guns off the streets to make the city safer, we'll be able to speak to the judge and let him know how co-operative you have been. I mean you got to go jail, as you haven't give us your friends name - but the least you can do is help yourself!!."

The police don't act on the information straight away as this would clearly highlight who provided the information.

More than 60 people, affiliated to notorious city street gangs, have also been arrested as part of a police fightback against those behind the worst spate of shootings in the city for two years.


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