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Are your kids safe? Paedo gets 14 years in B'ham

daniel_douglas100x100A paedophile from Winson Green in Birmingham has been jailed for a string of sickening sex attacks on youngsters. Daniel Douglas known locally as Nikey, aged 27, was jailed on Friday (17.09.2010) for five counts of raping a child under 13 and six counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

The sex offender was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment, after being found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court. The UK law system allows for a prisoner to be released into the community half way through their sentence, so he will only serve six years of the 14 year sentence behind bars.

Douglas was also placed on the sex offender's register, and will be on strict licence conditions for life, which may mean reporting to a police station regularly, having restricted access to any PC computer with Internet and never being able to work with or around children.

The judge described Douglas as a predator of the worst kind who has abused his position of trust and has shown no remorse to the horrific offences he has committed. Saying, 'This demonstrates that Douglas is a high risk to all children he comes into contact with'.

Word outta street is very disturbing about what happened, but Supatrax has chose to highlight what has said to have happened in the hope that young people and parents are made aware of how children can be groomed by these kind of dutty people.

*** The following information is explicit! ***

Nikey was well known in the area and to hear that something like this can happen by someone that many would consider as 'one of the mans' is frighting. When you think of a paedophile, you think of a old man, or a dodgy lookin geeza who acts shifty and has no woman about him, or acts a s hermit - but Nikey was none of these.

It is said to have started when the local yutes would go chill at his and play X-Box. Da yutes became regulars at his place and nobody thought anything of it as the yutes and the perpertrator shared a common interest. They all became friends.

The boys were chilling at his place on a regular, for a long time, but things only came to light after one of the boys fell out with Nikey. It is said that the boy was very upset after falling out with his 'friend' and was acting rude and cheeky to his mother. After arguing with his mother, the young boy decided to tell his mother what the problem was. He explained that he had fell out Nikey and that Nikey had a new best friend.

The boy went on to explain the types of things that the 'friends' would do with each other. Games included the 'Wank Olympics', and the perpetrator would perform sexual acts (oral sex) on the young boys. It is said that he would also watch as the boys would repeat the acts on each other.

When the information came to light, Nikey was found at his house and beat, only being spared death as Police stopped him from getting killed. He was taken to hospital where he was in a very bad condition. Police made no charges for the the beating he got!

People feel very strongly about the things that were said to have happened - the thought of something like this happening in your area is disgusting. The thought that it could be your children. The fact that the perpetrator is someone you would not class as your usual suspect. This highlights it's not a black or white thing - It's a safety of child thing!

This highlights that your children are not safe around ANYONE! Sexual offences against children are commonly committed by people in a position of trust to the child. These people are usually people close to the child, ie. family members or close friends.

Messages were released via Blackberry Messenger on Friday informing people about the the sentence and the charges, which provoked a number of heated responses.

Another message which is said to have been sent by a friend of Nikey was also sent by BB Messenger which read:

"Daniel Douglas is innocent, and a dumb ass bitch and her son made up shit ova a stupid lil argument and look where it put him!!! This n*gga wud neva hurt a fly & I trust him with my life . . .Hate that this has ruined his life . . . but he's appealing as he was found guilty with no physical evidence against him . . . He'll be free very soon."

Paedophiles live amongst us in our communities and don't have easily recognisable features making them easy to spot. If only it was that easy.

Paedophiles are often extremely cunning and clever at disguising their true motives, in order to gain access to your children.

Paedophiles come from all sections of society and do not necessarily act 'strange' or 'creepy' - in fact they are likely to be extremely charming.

The majority of paedophiles are male and around 2/3 of them will be known to the abused child.

Although Paedophiles can be extremely skilled in disguising their true motives there are a number of things you can do as a parent or carer to protect children.

The very first thing is to 'talk' and 'listen' to your children. Taking some time out on a regular basis to talk and listen to your children is one of the most important preventative measures you can take. Children who feel they can talk and be listened to are far less likely to be susceptible to a paedophile's grooming tactics.

Encourage discussions with your children about personal safety and especially the difference between safe and unsafe secrets. Personal safety for your children is a skill learned just like any other, for example crossing the road or learning the school fire drill.

Of convicted Sex Offenders studied:

  • - 56% lived with the abused child
  • - 37% knew the child
  • - 6.5% were a stranger to the child

Arrests of child sex offenders studied

  • - 19.5% parent
  • - 24.5% another relative
  • - 43% acquaintance
  • - 12.7% stranger

source: ( Smallbone and Wotley, 2000)

In November each year the MAPPA (Multi Agecy Public Protection Arrangement) annual report is released. MAPPA is a multi agency approach to manging high risk offenders in the community. Police, Probation and other agencies work together to reduce the risk these offenders pose to the community.

In the MAPPA annual report you will get a break own of how many sex offenders there are in your local community - although names of the offenders can not be printed or shared.

To see the figures and and get more information about sex offenders in your area - Click here (and scroll down to West Midlands to see Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton and Walsall stats).

Information on how to keep you child safe - Click here

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