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Amir Khan . . . Did you really bang thou????

Khan149x100As Amir Khan gets ready for his next big boxing match, last weekend the former boxing Champion was in Birmingham and it was reported that him and his brother banged 6 man out after they tried to rob his Range Rover . . . But was that REALLY the case? A video released on YouTube by one of the guys who was involved in the situation seems to tell a differrent story.

In the video a guy wearing a bally, asks the question of Amir Khan - "If you really banged 6 man - How come we got ya car keys and ya pouch? He then threatens to post pictures of his fathers passport if he carries on running his mouth chatting s** that he banged out people when he never.


@uzma_zaman tweeted on 7th October "@AmirKingKhan @GOH4R @harrykingkhan @unclesaff cant belive what happened tonight.... hope your all well x"  . . . Someone asked what happened and a tweet later replied "something in Birmingham kicked of just haterss really!" But the geezer wid the bally on in the video is far from a hater he says. He explains: "Do you think we're some 2pence p**kis that need to rob ya f***ing range rover?, didn't you see the same range parked up right next to yours ya fu**ing dickhead."


The video looks like it's rar filmed in someone's living room - The people better not of filmed it at their home, or it's gonna be peak when feds pay a man visit and match up the wallpaper - LOL! - They better get the decoraters in right now!


The video came after Amir Khan claimed that him and his brother batterred some 'thugs' after they tried to rob his £100,000 range in Birmingham in Adelaide Street, Digbeth early on Saturday evening.


In the video da guy holds a wallet, pouch and car keys which he says belongs to the former world titleholder. The guy also highlights that he had a range of other stuff belonging to Khan, including his Dad's passport and tells Khan if ya carry on telling people that you knocked people out, we'll rar put ya photos and further info on YouTube.


The footage has now led to West Midlands Police investigating the incident, after they originally said they had been called to reports of a disorder but had not found any sign of an assault.


A spokesman said: 'We originally said we are not investigating the alleged incident, but have now revised our position.' Officers are trying to untangle the details of what exactly happened.


The guy that made this video is rar tekkin the pi**! Khan gets called a pu***hole, a wasteman, a dickhead and a nob - and a man has even drawed for footage to tek the pi** out of Khan showing how the "fu**ing p****hole" gets banged out. The guy does not look like his gassing - He probably did tek Khan's tings and he warns Kahn "If you come to Brum again ya pu***hole, BrumTown Bullies are gonna f**k you up!"


But comments on the video don't seem to support the person in the video. They instaed seem to highlight that the person in the video looks to have a swollen right eye (that can be seen even behind the bally). Comments also state, that if it was one on one instaed of six on two . . . Would he still be making a YouTube video? These guys have rar took liberties with Khan.


It does look like Khan got mashed down in Birmingham . . . but has this video now set up a rematch? Supatrax will try and get the live exclusive streaming rights to the encounter so that it can be brought to you via the Supatrax Pay per view system that we'll set up - loool! All joke apart, the video will get the guy in it into alot of trouble. Police will be looking to track the IP address of the person who uploaded it. Questions will also be asked about the other videos that the person has uploaded which includes footage of a robbery in Manchester. The geezer also states that they had a Range, so it won't be too hard for feds to find the person it belongs to. 


Maybe the guy is now wishing he would have just settled himself and not said anything and just keep the money he took instead of tekkin the p*** and making the video.



Amir Khan's representative refused to comment on the allegations.



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