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Supatrax offer a range of DJ Workshops for all ages and ranges of music.Photographing clubs Nationally and Internationally since 2001Supatrax can provide entertainment for youth and school events.Learn radio skills and get involved while providing content for Sticky RadioSupatrax TV are able to show young people how to make videos and creative photography skills

Killed with 1 punch - Killer gets 4 years!

Jordon_Sergeant100x100Ben Greenhouse, aged 17 of Aldridge, Brandhall, Birmingham has been sentenced to four years detention for the 'senseless' killing of 18-year-old Jordon Sergeant, following a row on Facebook about a firework being thrown.

Jordan died after the 17-year-old punched him in the face during a fight on Quinton High Street on March 18 - and it was that fatal single blow, that ended the young man's life.

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EVERYTHING you need to know to set up a website

How to uild a websiteEveryone's on the internet now. My 75 year old Nan has got Facebook page, she emails me and lets me know whats going on. Blackberry's, iPhones and the use of dongles are on the increase. EVERYONE is using the net and people are getting addicted to it. The first place someone checks when they need find something . . . Is the net - How many times have you heard someone say: "Google it!"?

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Close to finding the Yardie Osama - Supatrax EXCLUSIVE!

Christopher 'Dudus' CokeSupatrax get an EXCLUSIVE interview with a Shower Posse member, who was born and grown in Tivoli Gardens, West Kingston, Jamaica. He gives an insight into life in Tivoli, the politics, the history and the current situation that has seen the U.S call for the extridiction of the alleged godfather figure Christopher 'Dudus' Coke. This has now lead to a ghetto war between gangsters, police and the Jamaican army. 2 Police are already dead, and one local Tivoli resident has been killed.

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Man shot in Sodom, Birmingham.

Gooch Street shootingA man has been taken to hospital with serious chest injuries after a shooting in Birmingham. The shooting is believed to have taken place at approx 2.30pm today (Wednesday 19 May 2010).

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Actors needed - no experience required

Birmingham actors are needed for a hard hitting urban drama that aims to address the issue of gang culture. 'My Life, My Choice' is a 20 minute gang awareness DVD that will be used by Birmingham schools as part of a Birmingham Reducing Gang Violence project.

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Robbed, gun butt and threw in a skip.

Boy robbed at gun point, stripped and threw in skip in Birmingham city centreFive yutes aged 14, 15, two aged 16 and one aged 17 have admitted a charge of robbery at Birmingham Crown Court after putting a gun to another yute from a rival gang. They also made him strip naked, punched him up repeatedly and threw him in a skip after robbing him, in Birmingham city centre. The event was videoed on a phone and shows the suspects committing the crime and laughing. The video was later forwarded to the victims family.

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The first Black BNP member

Multicultural BritainBy responding to the BNP or talking about them, you are giving them attention they don't deserve. The party and their followers are not worthy of a response - They should just be ignored and let them rant to the ignorant idiots that side with them! . . . BUT, the unveiling of their new Black member is something that Supatrax HAD to comment on.

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