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Supatrax offer a range of DJ Workshops for all ages and ranges of music.Photographing clubs Nationally and Internationally since 2001Supatrax can provide entertainment for youth and school events.Learn radio skills and get involved while providing content for Sticky RadioSupatrax TV are able to show young people how to make videos and creative photography skills

Black History Month

BHM_100x100Black History Month is supposed to be a celebration. A month to enjoy and explore Black culture. But with a race that has been oppressed, and not treated as equal for so long - There 'IS' going to be resentment and bad feelings.

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Man Jailed For Selling Skin Bleaching Products In Winson Green & Handsworth

skinbleachA Birmingham shop keeper has been jailed for 4 months after he was caught selling skin bleaching products that contained toxic chemicals.

Jafeer Hussain, 33 repeatedly ignored warnings from trading standrards officials and continued to sell the illegal skin treatment's which contained Mercury, a substance that can cause kidney failure when comes into contact with human skin. Mr Hussain had been selling these dangerous substances to many black and asian women. He was reported to have been selling them from; Beauty Queens on Dudley Road, Winson Green; Afro Hair and Beauty on Coventry road in Small Heath and Soho cosmetics and Beauty Queens on Dudley road.

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Are your kids safe? Paedo gets 14 years in B'ham

daniel_douglas100x100A paedophile from Winson Green in Birmingham has been jailed for a string of sickening sex attacks on youngsters. Daniel Douglas known locally as Nikey, aged 27, was jailed on Friday (17.09.2010) for five counts of raping a child under 13 and six counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

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London Vs Leeds Carnival 2010

carnival2010_100x100It's Bank Holiday weekend and the decision is whether to go to Leeds or London carnival? London is the UK's biggest street party for over 40 years. Leeds is a huge park celebration with sound systems and the infamous Pyjama parade. But which one will you be going?

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B68 Beef from behind bars - via Facebook

BenGHouse100x1001A killer jailed for taking the life of 18-year-old Jordon Sergeant from Birmingham, following a row on Facebook about a firework being thrown, continues to make threats and gloats with the victims family about the killing via a social networking site whilst in detention. WTF!?

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Black, Gay and Ghetto? does dat exist?

BlackANDgay100x100Is there such a thing as being Black, Gay and from Ghetto? I don't know anyone who's Black, gay and from Ghetto - Do you? It's something that don't seem to exist, yet there are plenty of Black gay people . . . or is there?

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