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Birmingham Riots

After seeing the pictures of the blatant looting and rioting in London, text messages, BB Messenger pings and emails flew round claiming that tings were gonna kick off in Birmingham City Centre at 6pm that evening. When I read da ting, I rar just laughed and said “Birmingham cud ‘never’ gwarn suh!” – But I was proved very very wrong!

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United ‘in riots’ Kingdom – But for what cause!

Riots and looting started in London on Saturday following the shooting of Mark Duggan who was riding in the back of a taxi. He was shot dead by C019 officers, the London Met's specialist armed police unit. Disturbances followed a peaceful protest that took place in Tottenham earlier in the day.

It’s the disturbances in London that lead to copycat incidents taking place throughout the UK. Firstly in other areas of London but then in Birmingham, then Liverpool, Bristol, Nottingham, Leicester, Wolverhampton, Gloucester and violence in Manchester and other parts of the UK over 5 nights of mayhem that have led to deaths of 3 Asian men in Winson Green, Birmingham, police getting buss at and the homes, businesses and lives of hundreds of people destroyed.

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3 Asian men die in Birmingham riots

3 men have been killed after being run over in Winson Green. One of the men has been named as TARIQ JAHAN aged only 21. A young man has been arrested on suspicion of murder. More info to follow.

Man jailed after having sex with women knowing he has HIV

HIVjailedAn african man who knew he had HIV and had unprotected sex with a woman from Walsall and has been sentenced to 4 years in prison, but he may have handed out his own life sentence to his victims after he knowingly recklessly infected his partner with HIV and has admitted to having unprotected sex with 8 other woman, who have not been able to be chased.

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Carnival fears after shooting at Woody'z

Following the multiple shootings, and the injury of a young girl at a party by the West Bromich Albion ground on the Handsworth / Smethwick border, rumours have been spreading via BB messanger, Twitter and Facebook that Handsworth carnival organisers were considering having to cancel carnival fearing more shoots cud get buss at at carnival.

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Brains and Beauty: Louise

BrainsBLou100x100Have you got the Brains and the Beauty? Meet Louise, she works within the Criminal Justice sector, has the odd 'hissy fit', loves to keep fit and hates when people are driven purely for the greed of money!

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Rasta Mouse

RastaMouseWat a ting! BBC have introduced a new Cbeebies children's TV programme called Rasta Mouse, a crime fighting Patios (Patwah) speaking mouse! . . . Come like the tried to yardify Roland the Rat!

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Pregnant Girl Gets Belly Stamped On In Racist Attack

healthy_pregnancy_imageA heavily pregnant teenager had her stomach repeatedly stamped upon by two men as she walked home with her boyfriend in Liverpool. Petrified, she screamed she was pregnant at the two thugs in an attempt to protect the life of her baby but they ignored her desperate pleas and continued to boot her in the stomach before robbing her mobile phone and making their get away.

 Sophie, who is 33 weeks pregnant, told a Liverpool newspaper: "I don't think it was my mobile phone they were after. They saw that my boyfriend was black and after they saw I was pregnant they attacked us."

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